Flavors of Los Angeles

The following posters are themed around the cities that together make up LA’s biggest pre conceived notions, which were Installed in A+D Museum in Los Angeles for their spatial intervention group exhibition. The posters are scaled relatively to their population and size, from biggest to smallest city. Hollywood being the biggest because one of the first things that comes to mind when someone thinks of LA is the movie industry and its movie stars. Then to contrast that with my own perspective of LA, I juxtaposed objects that first come to my mind with each city, including the different kinds of food I visit each city for (ie: Hollywood=chili cheese hot dogs from Carney’s and Pink’s). Each one also has typography that is inspired by these cities themselves and are all letters with high contrast between their hairlines and strokes. A postcard was designed using the type in lieu of photos to represent the city.

Hong Kong Type Specimen Book
Wavecruise Brewing
Discover LA Infographic Poster
Color Within The Lines Coloring Book
Perfect Blend Barber
Lettering II
S,M,L,XLa Logotype
Los Angeles Lines
Grand Tapestry
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